Career and Technical Education High School Transfer Programs

Students may apply to CTE programs at their base school or as a full-time transfer student. Transfer students attend all classes and activities at the program school.


Horticulture students engage in a hands-on curriculum designed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes for entry level employment and advancement in areas such as greenhouse and nursery production, landscape design and turf management. This nationally recognized program includes a four-year program of study:

  • Horticulture Sciences
  • Landscaping I
  • Landscaping II
  • Turf Grass Establishment and Maintenance

Students also receive instruction in leadership development and are provided many opportunities for leadership through FFA, the Career and Technical Education student organization for Agriculture

Program Location
Brentsville District High School
Mr. Miller, Program Coordinator
Telephone: 703.594.2161

Auto Technology

Automotive Technology is a National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) accredited program of study is taught by an ASE certified auto technician that prepares graduates for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exams. Students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attributes for success as an entry-level employee in the automotive technology field or as they pursue higher education. The four-year program of study includes:

  • Technology Education elective
  • Automotive Technology I
  • Automotive Technology II*
  • Automotive Technology III*

Program Locations

Hylton High School
Mr. Stevens, Instructor
Telephone: 703.580.4000
Open to students from Forest Park, Freedom, Gar-field, Potomac, or Woodbridge High Schools

Osbourn Park High School
Mr. Pattarozzi, Instructor
Telephone: 703.365.6500
Open to students from Battlefield, Brentsville District, Colgan, Gainesville, Patriot, or Unity Reed High Schools

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Aviation Maintenance Technology students work with airframe and control surfaces, power plants, basic aviation electricity while they learn to perform ground operations and servicing procedures as specified by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. Students also practice lab and tool safety, apply science and mathematics principles to aviation maintenance tasks, and research and use maintenance publications, forms, and records.

  • Technology Education Elective
  • Technical Drawing
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology I
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology II

Program Locations

Unity Reed High School
Telephone: 703.791.7297

Woodbridge High School
Telephone: 703.497.8000

Biomedical Science

The rigorous and relevant Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science sequence allows students to investigate the roles of biomedical professionals as they study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health.

Students engage in activities like investigating the death of a fictional person to learn content in the context of real-world cases. They examine the structures and interactions of human body systems and explore the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, all while working collaboratively to understand and design solutions to the most pressing health challenges of today and the future. The four-year program of study includes: 

  • Principles of Biomedical Science
  • Human Body Systems
  • Medical Interventions
  • Biomedical Innovation

Program Locations

Gainesville High School
Science, Health, and Medicine Pathway
Coordinator: TBD
Telephone: 703.791.7200
Website: Pathways @ Gainesville

Osbourn Park High School
Coordinator: Ms. Walton
Telephone: 703.365.6500
Website: Osbourn Park Website

Building Trades

Building Trades introduces students to skills in the four core areas of residential construction: masonry, carpentry, electricity, and plumbing. Students emphasize safety by earning the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 card as they build or repair residential structures using a variety of materials and tools. Students also learn current residential building codes associated with each trade. The four-year course of study includes:

  •  Technical Drawing or Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Construction Technologies
  • Building Trades I
  • Building Trades II

Program Location
Patriot High School
Mr. Midkiff, Instructor
Telephone: 703.594.3020


Cabinetmaking students learn workshop, tool safety, and employability skills as they practice reading blueprints; estimating and selecting materials; cutting and shaping stock; assembling, fastening, and installing components; and finishing surfaces.

The technical, problem-solving, leadership, and creative skills learned in cabinetmaking apply in industries well beyond construction trades and professions as well as prepare the student for lifelong learning and success. The four-year program of studies includes:

  • Technical Drawing
  • Construction Technology
  • Cabinetmaking I
  • Cabinetmaking II

Program Location
Hylton High School
Mr. Ehman, Instructor
Telephone: 703.580.4000


Cybersecurity students explore theory and hands-on practices in the following areas: critical infrastructure security systems and devices; intelligent computing and controlling devices and systems security; business information technology network security systems and techniques; industrial/utility industrial control systems networks and devices security; medical network and data system security; and ethical hacking roles and tools. The goal of the program is to prepare students to enter into a cybersecurity career after high school or an IT college degree program. The four-year program of study includes:

  • IT elective such as IT Fundamentals
  • IT elective such as Programming
  • Cybersecurity Systems Technology
  • Cybersecurity Systems Technology, Advanced

Industry Certification: Students have the opportunity to earn their CompTia A+ certification.

Program Location
Potomac High School
Natalie Walden, Instructor


Electricity students learn marketable, job-specific skills and workplace readiness skills. Students develop skills in the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems. They also study electrical theory, navigate the National Electrical Code Book, select and install conductors, and work with panelboards, switchboards, and generators. Students have the option to enter the job market directly or continue their studies via a college program, technical school or apprenticeship program. Students completing the four-year electrical sequence have the opportunity to earn an industry credential. 

  • Technical Drawing or Introduction to Engineering and Design (PLTW)
  • Construction Technology or Civil Engineering and Architecture (PLTW)
  • Electricity I
  • Electricity II

Program Location
Unity Reed High School
Instructor: Alex Garcia

Medical Coding & Billing

Medical Coding and Billing students learn to navigate healthcare systems and manage a medical office and the electronic medical record as it pertains to the field of medical coding and billing. Students will be exposed to the medical terminology used to describe human anatomy and physiology as they are introduced to the field of health informatics. The four-year program of study includes:

  • Computer Information Systems 
  • Computer Information Systems, Advanced 
  • Medical Coding and Billing I
  • Medical Coding and Billing II

Program Location
Freedom High School
Briana Hardaway, Director of School Counseling

Pharmacy Technician

This certificate program provides students with the basic skills and knowledge to begin work as a pharmacy technician. The coursework fulfills the requirements of the Virginia Board of Pharmacy and prepares students to take the national examinations, Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) or Exam Certified Phlebotomy Technician (ExCPT). Trained, experienced pharmacy technicians, who can demonstrate the right skills and knowledge, have many exciting and respected career options and are well-positioned to pursue post-secondary study in the pharmacy field.

  • Biology I
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy Technician I
  • Pharmacy Technician II

Program Location
Freedom High School
Briana Hardaway


Plumbing students learn marketable, job-specific skills and workplace readiness skills to help them succeed in the plumbing industry. Safety and equipment care is emphasized while students learn to install and repair pipes and plumbing fixtures according to construction drawings and specifications. Students completing the two-year plumbing sequence have the opportunity to demonstrate workplace readiness skills and earn a professional certification through industry assessment. Students may choose to enter the job market directly or continue their studies via a college program, technical school, or apprenticeship program. The four-year program of study includes: 

  • Technology Drawing or Introduction to Engineering and Design (PLTW)
  • Construction Technology or Civil Engineering and Design (PLTW)
  • Plumbing I
  • Plumbing II

Program Location
Gar-Field High School
Michael Carter, Instructor

TV Production

Television Production prepares students to operate TV cameras, recorders and editors and the associated audio, video, switching and processing equipment. Many students go on to complete their education at a university or specialized technical school following high school graduation. Student leadership and independence are stressed as students employ program proposals, scripts and storyboards to produce and refine professional productions. The four-year program of study includes:

  • Video and Media Technology
  • Television Production I
  • Television Production II
  • Television Production III
Program Location
Hylton High School
Ms. Canada, Program Coordinator


Welding students learn to use gases and welding processes and to braze and solder metal parts according to diagrams, blueprints, and written specifications. This is a four-year program of study with some courses requiring two-blocks of instruction. Some courses may be available for dual enrollment credit through Northern Virginia Community College. The four-year program of study includes:

  • Technology Education elective
  • Welding I
  • Welding II
  • Welding III
Program Location
Potomac High School
Mr. Bhagwandeen, Program Coordinator

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Locations and Applications

An application is required for all CTE transfer programs. Single location programs are available to all students across the division. Programs with two locations are assigned based on the student's base school. Students apply for admission through the PWCS Specialty Program Application. Most applications are due on February 1. 


Students living within the program school boundaries may ride their regular bus to school. Transportation services for students who reside outside the boundaries of the program school will be provided via a network of proposed express bus stops. Transportation requests, including the selection of a specific express stop, must be returned to the school with the specialty program application. The transportation request process must be repeated for every year the student is enrolled in the specialty program. Parents have the responsibility to provide transportation to and from express bus stops. 

Virginia High School League Eligibility

Transfer students participate in student activities in accordance with VHSL Regulation 28a-7-1. For additional information, please refer to PWCS Student Activities or PWCS Regulation 721.2.