Rockledge’s Enchanted Learning Fair uses fairy tales to teach students in a fun and engaging way
Posted on 12/18/2018
RKES Enchanted Learning FairRecently, Rockledge Elementary School held its Enchanted Learning Fair to engage parents in their children's learning through interactive activities. The event helped families understand how fun and exciting learning can be through the use of fairy tales.

“It is extremely heartwarming to see such a high turnout of parents out at the school on a weeknight. It really shows the parents’ commitment to their students’ success in school,” stated Principal Amy Schott.

The Learning Fair featured many activity stations that were interactive, personally relevant, and that provided new resources for families that can be used at home to support learning for their student. Presented topics requested by parents included mental health resources, developmental milestones, and the importance of sleep and regular attendance, and how they impact student learning and achievement.

Students had an opportunity to try a science investigation, led by the Evil Queen from Snow White, about the how and why apples turn brown, and how to stop it while learning how to follow the scientific process. Another station encouraged families to involve students in writing opportunities at home using simple parent-child conversations to improve their language and literacy skills. Families also learned how to use popular song lyrics as a tool to assist students learning how to read.

Families who attended had an opportunity to practice the skills which lead to developing a growth mindset, an important trait needed to maximize student learning. Something as simple as turning off electronic devices and having conversations at the dinner table can benefit students' vocabulary and language skills.