Katherine Fielding chosen to participate in world-wide Google for Education Certified Innovator program
Posted on 01/15/2019
Katherine Fielding Google InnovatorThinking outside the box and having a vision to create a transformative project is one of the hallmarks of being an innovator. Through a highly competitive process, Katherine Fielding, Woodbridge High School’s instructional technology coach was selected to be one of 36 educators from around the globe invited to attend the Innovation Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. The 12-month program, which began last fall to be a member of the elite world-wide group of Google for Education Certified Innovators, begins with the Innovation Academy and finishes with the completion of a transformative project related to a challenge or opportunity they see in education.

Fielding’s project is focused on improving the quality of homebound instruction so that those students feel a better connection with their teachers and fellow classmates. Bringing her enthusiasm for this project to Copenhagen, she was able to meet other educators from around the world and collaborate with them on her project. Fielding says it helped to bring different points of view to her project and got her to start thinking globally.

“I am excited to build my professional network with a world-wide perspective. It has been interesting to see what schools around the world are doing with technology integration, and apply it to my project,”
Fielding said talking about the experience.

Being selected to be part of a world-wide program is Positively PWCS.

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