PWCS Energy Team educating our students and community
Posted on 02/06/2019
Energy Management Team Positively PWCSThe PWCS energy team was invited as an exhibitor to the Pentagon to attend the Environmental Sustainability and Energy Branch (ESEB) Energy Action exhibit. Nearly 500 Pentagon personnel attended the event to learn about improving energy efficiency at work and home, and to develop an understanding of electrical power distribution and safety.

As an exhibitor, the PWCS energy team showcased their experiences and best practices for a successful energy management program. Considered pioneers in the energy industry, the team shared information on the various programs used to educate students on the concept of sustainability, as well as new technologies, professional development opportunities, and measurement strategies they are implementing.

“It was a great opportunity to further showcase and expand the impact that our School Division, alongside our community partners, has on redefining the landscape of sustainability in Prince William County,” shared Jeanne Jabara, energy education coordinator.

Saving over $33 million in utility costs since its inception in 2012, the energy management team educates PWCS staff and students and inspires them to make energy conservation and sustainability part of their day. The Division’s sustainability focus is to have energy efficient buildings, promote energy conservation in our schools, and provide educational outreach to our students and staff.

Currently, 50 Prince William County Public Schools have earned an Energy Star certificate from the U.S. Federal Government’s Environmental Protection Agency. Most recently, the Virginia School Board Association recognized PWCS as a certified Green School Division.

The energy management team continues to focus on investing in facility infrastructure to achieve greater savings and energy efficiency in the future. It is their goal to be #LEDby2023 and have all schools retrofitted with tunable LED lighting. The team is also expanding their outreach in the schools by working with community partners and other PWCS offices to integrate sustainability into curriculum areas.

Expanding students’ skill sets to prepare them for a more sustainable future is Positively PWCS.

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