Ellis Elementary believes in the power of the positive message
Posted on 02/12/2019
Golden Ticket Student and Principal of Ellis high-fives studentAt Suella G. Ellis Elementary, they are celebrating success every day. One of their favorite ways to recognize success along the journey toward achieving larger goals is through the Golden Ticket recognition.

All staff members are on the lookout to find moments where students can be given the Golden Ticket. Students take their Golden Tickets to the office, where one of the administrators stops whatever he or she is doing to make a positive phone call home to a parent with the child on conference call. On an average day, five to 10 parents may get this positive phone call from their child's principal or assistant principal celebrating growth in everything from behavior, attitude, or achievement.

“I love the Golden Tickets because they serve as an inspiration to my students, especially students who are not always inspired by other incentives,” shared Madeline Eddy, a third-grade teacher at Ellis. “When students get Golden Tickets, their classmates are so proud. The other day, they gave a round of applause to a student who received a Golden Ticket for his hard work on a response to reading.”

Recognizing student effort and excellence is Positively PWCS!

VIDEO: Ellis Principal Connie Balkcom - Golden Ticket Phone Calls:

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