CPES students say, “There’s no DRAGON us away from a good book”
Posted on 03/13/2019
Mr. Marinoble at CPES read-a-thon - Text: There's no "dragon" CPES students away from a good book!Taco about a good time! Cedar Point Elementary School students turned their principal, assistant principal, librarian, PALS reading teacher, and reading specialist into human tacos at their wrap-up assembly following the school’s read-a-thon.

The read-a-thon, held February 25 through March 8, was designed to promote a love of reading while serving as a fundraiser for the school’s PTO. To raise money, students received pledges from friends and family for the number of minutes they read. As a school, students read over 100,000 minutes. In total the school will receive $13,846.

The read-a-thon, called “There’s No Dragon Us Away from a Good Book,” was kicked-off in February by reading Adam Rubin’s book “Dragons Love Tacos.”

At the wrap-up assembly on March 11, top readers (by number of minutes of reading) from the school got first row seats to the excitement. Those readers were:

Kindergartener, Emma, with 520 minutes read;
First-grader, Stella, with 531 minutes read;
Second-grader, Esmae, with 1,385 minutes (highest in the school);
Third-grader, Julie, with 755 minutes read;
Fourth-grader, Varun, with 1033 minutes read; and
Fifth-grader, Kyle, with 965 minutes read.

While reading “Dragons Love Tacos 2,” the students who raised the most funds in each grade level got to turn their administrators and teachers into tacos by dumping taco toppings on Principal Mark Marinoble, Assistant Principal Matthew Meyer, School Librarian Sheri D'Amato, PALS Reading Teacher Stephanie Reeder, and Reading Specialist Julie Wilkins.

Fifth grade started with sour cream, fourth grade followed with guacamole, third grade brought the heat by adding salsa, second grade topped with tomatoes, first grade added lettuce, and kindergarten topped the human tacos with cheese.

The top fundraisers in each grade level were:

Kindergarten–Kourtland, Owen, Sophia, Oliver, and Lillianne
First grade–Bradley, Sullican, Ihsan, Lily, Alex, and Qaiden
Second grade–King, Jack, Connor, Samantha, and Jaden
Third grade–Meghan, Sophia, Nicholas, Maggie, and Nolan
Fourth grade–Bridget, Joe, Morgan, Nicholas, and Dillon
Fifth grade–Kyle, Emlyn, Gabrielle, and Carlisle

As a final addition to the party atmosphere, the top reading class of each grade level was awarded with an upcoming piñata party. Those classes were:

Atkinson’s kindergarten class;
Lamper’s first grade class;
Sullivan’s second grade class;
Brown’s third grade class;
Aracich’s fourth grade class; and
Sheridan’s fifth grade class.

Congratulations to all of the CPES readers! Lettuce all keep reading!