Battlefield HS celebrates students’ journey from writers to published authors
Posted on 04/03/2019
Book titled Creative Minds of 1134 on top of other books beside flower.It was a glitz and glamour affair as celebrated writers walked the red carpet inside Battlefield High School. The occasion? The launch of the book "Creative Minds of 1134". The celebrated writers? A team of talented Battlefield students who can now call themselves published authors.

The book launch festivity was a culmination to a school year-long project developed by Battlefield Reading Specialist Jamie Marsh. Forty-five students in grades nine through 12 who are served through the school’s Literacy Lab took the journey through the publication process from idea to print. Each student contributed at least one short story resulting in a 196-page anthology titled "Creative Minds of 1134."  The book was published in March and features stories of murder, mayhem, time travel, beloved pets, and true historical events.

Female student author smiles as man signs bookMale student author poses with book Creative Minds of 1134
"I promised each student if they wrote a story, I would print it,” shared Marsh. “We have focused on the concept of a growth mindset instead of being perfect. This has allowed many of my writers to achieve well beyond their own expectations.”

Another component to the project involved Young Adult (YA) author Sarah Glenn Marsh. As Battlefield’s Writer in Residence, Marsh frequently visited the Literacy Lab and guided the student authors, providing feedback and tips to improve their writing.

"This was a big learning experience,” shared sophomore Riley Abell. “We struggled at the beginning of the year with writing our stories, but it got easier in the middle and the end of the year because we had learned so much."

The literacy project was funded by SPARK, the education foundation for PWCS.  Battlefield further supported the grant by hosting a writing kick-off day with Kwame Alexander, another YA author, and funding the printing of books for each student author and all PWCS high school libraries.

"Creative Minds of 1134" was truly a team endeavor with the Literacy Lab students as contributing authors, and many other students contributing as editors and graphic designers. Battlefield staff members also helped, as did parent volunteers who aided with everything from photography to launch party preparations.

The book launch party drew family and friends, as well as many in the community who listened to several student authors read their portions of their works from the book. Guests were also invited to mingle with the newly-published writers and get their editions "Creative Minds of 1134" autographed.

Purchase a copy of Creative Minds of 1134 here.