Vaughan Elementary School student swings and hangs with American Ninja Warrior
Posted on 04/16/2019
Top Image: Gabriel with Wolfpack Ninjas, Right Image: Gabriel with Jamie Rahn, Text: Vaughan ES student swings and hangs with American Ninja WarriorSeven-year-old Gabriel is described by his mother as an energetic daredevil, but one day he hopes to be described as an American Ninja Warrior.

When he isn’t jumping over and swinging on things at the Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary School playground, Gabriel can be found training at the ninja gym with his teammates. Ninja gyms, or warrior gyms, are designed to provide obstacle experiences that imitate those seen on the television competition show “American Ninja Warrior.”

Gabriel began taekwondo classes at age three, attended a parkour gym when he was five, and started attending the ninja gym last November. This past February he made the gym’s ninja team. When training, the team focuses on speed, agility, strength, and logic. These skill improvements have even been noticed by Gabriel’s physical education teacher at Vaughan, Nicholaus LeVasseur.

“Gabriel is a very energetic student! I have noticed that he is able to control his actions more this year rather than in years past,” stated LeVasseur.

Recently, while attending a competition, Gabriel trained with the Wolfpack Ninjas, a top professional ninja racing group, in New York. He has also trained with American Ninja Warrior Jamie Rahn.

When asked about his new sport Gabriel said, “I like ninja because I get to run around and jump around. I like being off the ground. I get to train four times a week, and that means more of my favorite thing... ninja! I get to train for big competitions in other cities and states."

LeVasseur said that he can’t wait to see where these competitions lead Gabriel, and neither can we!