The “Test Busters” prepare students for the SOL Tests
Posted on 04/15/2019
OCES teachers and principals as the "Test Busters"As they entered the cafetorium, Principal Michael “Buddy” Lint led his students in a chant of “Slay those tests!” Like many schools, Occoquan Elementary recently hosted a pep rally to put students in a positive mindset for their Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests. To delight the students — the space was decorated with flashing lights, making it look like a party and teachers and staff took to the stage to perform skits and host fun games.

Encore teachers and specialists started off the show by dancing to the popular song “Baby Shark,” wearing shark costumes. Up next, the first-grade and admin teams danced to the song “Test Busters,” a parody of the “Ghostbusters” song. The teachers wore Ghostbusters’ uniforms, while Lint was dressed as Slimer and Assistant Principal William ‘Bill’ Knight was dressed as The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This performance was followed by the second-grade teachers singing the “Testing Song,” set to the beat of pop singer Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings.”

Amping up the hilarity and excitement, these performances were followed by competitive games, bringing students into the fun to help or compete against their educators. The good times included such antics as blindfolded taste testing, erupting volcanos, a marshmallow toss, and pies in the face for the losing teams.

When asked why he wanted to participate in the event, teacher Joshua Shaddix said, “I wanted to do something fun for the students. They work hard, so this a good reward for them.”

Third-grader Aaryan Lamba enthused, “My favorite part of the assembly was when Mr. Shaddix smashed a pie in Mr. Lint’s face and Mr. Hoffa smashed a pie in Mr. Shaddix’s face! I laughed really hard when that happened!”

Schools will begin administering the required end of year Virginia SOL tests for third through eighth grades on April 25, 2019. Testing will last until May 22, 2019, with expedited re-takes scheduled for May 24 through June 4, 2019.