School Board approves 13th High School boundary plan
Posted on 06/21/2019
13th High School

At the June 19, 2019, meeting, the School Board approved a boundary plan reassigning portions of the attendance areas associated with the following high schools: Battlefield, Brentsville District, Osbourn Park, Patriot, and Stonewall Jackson.

These attendance area changes are made in anticipation of the opening of the 13th high school, effective for the 2021-22 school year. The opening of the new school is targeted to reduce overcrowding in the western areas of Prince William County.

Under the approved plan:

  • Rising ninth- and 10th-grade students will attend their newly assigned high school.
  • Rising 11th-grade students who are reassigned will have a one-time choice to attend their new school or to remain at their current high school.
  • Rising 12th-grade students will remain at their currently assigned high school for the 2021-22 school year.
  • The 13th high school will not have a 12th-grade during the 2021-22 school year.

The School Board also approved the following resolution:

Older schools in PWCS often have large numbers of economically disadvantaged students that require additional academic support. These older schools also have significant facility and infrastructure needs that compete with the academic support requirements for school resources that are allocated via the budget allocation process.

Through the efforts of the Infrastructure Task Force, PWCS and the School Board have identified several facilities needs of older schools that require additional funding via the CIP process. However, these requirements primarily address large-scale projects that are beyond the scope of site-based funding and do not address all the needs associated with older schools.

To help address the specific needs that arise with schools that have disproportionately high concentrations of economically disadvantaged students and older infrastructures, the School Board directed the Superintendent of Schools to:

  • Adjust the budgetary model in such a way that directs additional funding to those schools; consideration should be given to increasing the supplemental allocations for economically disadvantaged students and creating a new supplemental category for older schools.
  • Establish a 2020-21 budget priority to direct additional funds to address infrastructure and equipment requirements identified at the school level at Tier 1 schools as identified by the Infrastructure Task Force.
  • Develop and implement at least two additional Specialty Programs at Stonewall Jackson High with local educator input; consideration should be given to adding or expanding CTE and Specialty Programs at other high schools where opportunities exist incorporating school community input; every effort should be made to expand dual enrollment opportunities Division-wide.