T-Rex postmark is “stamping” around for Anaya Lott-Baptiste
Posted on 09/10/2019
Anaya Lott-Baptiste with her winning pictorial T-Rex postmark design

Not many eighth graders can say that they have designed a postmark for the United States Postal Service (USPS), but Stonewall Middle School’s Anaya Lott-Baptiste can. This past spring, Lott-Baptiste submitted artwork in a T-Rex pictorial postmark contest. The limited-edition pictorial postmarks are used by the USPS to commemorate special events around the country.

The Manassas Main Post Office recognized Lott-Baptiste at a recent celebration for the release of the T-Rex Forever Stamps. At the celebration, she received a commemorative plaque and a framed photo of her pictorial postmark. This limited-edition postmark will be available until September 30, 2019, from the Manassas Main Post Office. Stamp collectors from around the country can receive a piece of mail that is stamped with this postmark.

Describing this experience, Lott-Baptiste stated, "This opportunity gave me a chance to see what it feels like when people you've never met appreciate your work. I love to draw, but I was very surprised that I won because it was nowhere near my best work. I've been treated like a celebrity and it's been an exciting experience. I'm glad people like it."

To receive Lott-Baptiste’s postmark, customers may either visit the Manassas Main Post Office in person or send stamped envelopes or postcards to be stamped. For more information about how to obtain the postmark visit the USPS pictorial postmarks webpage.