Patriot High School math teacher selected to participate in Mathematics Pathways Workgroup
Posted on 09/24/2019
Outline of state of Virginia on blue background with mathematics signs floating in background

Elizabeth Bussian, former military pilot turned math teacher, has been invited to serve as a member of the Mathematics Pathways Workgroup as part of the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative (VMPI), a state task force. Bussian’s name was put forward with VMPI by Math Supervisor Amy Hickey after she presented at the PWCS Math Content Day.

The Mathematics Pathways Workgroup will be a team of approximately eight members who will develop draft Mathematics Pathways (high school to college or workforce) documents for further vetting.

Bussian is in her ninth year of teaching high school. She has been with Patriot High School since it opened, and previously spent seven years teaching middle school. She is looking forward to working with the Mathematics Pathways Workgroup to update documents, as she has spent much of her time doing the same with PWCS.

“I have spent time during most of my summers working with the County on enhancing or modifying our curriculum (specifically for Algebra 2) incorporating Performance Assessments into our content, re-writing our documents in the Understanding by Design format, working on the new (2016) curriculum documents for the cross-walk and implementation years, and continuing to promote our use of mathematically rich tasks to foster a deeper understanding of math content. I'm very excited to be involved in this initiative.”

VMPI aims to examine mathematical articulation between K-12 and Institutes of Higher Education and create structures and impactful policies that ensure student success in mathematical learning and readiness for higher education or workforce opportunities. The state task force, made up of three work groups and a leadership team, is comprised of K-12 mathematics educators, representatives from institutes of higher education, and Virginia Department of Education staff.

Bussain’s workgroup will meet twice before all three workgroups will come together for a combined meeting in February 2020, in Richmond.