Students from the Juvenile Detention Center complete “Bake for Good” service project
Posted on 09/25/2019
graphic of photo with gloved hands baking breadA recent enrichment project took on a new dimension this year for more than 30 students who learned a valuable new skill while feeding others in their community. Students from the Juvenile Detention Center, with the help of their teachers, applied for the self-directed “Bake for Good” project, a two-day learning and community service project sponsored by the King Arthur Flour company. Teachers involved include Kelly Barry, special education/math literacy teacher; Sharon Shaffer, CBI teacher; Jamie Fialek, ELL teacher/case manager; Angela Rotchford, English teacher; and Stephanie Zampino, school social worker.

"The Bake for Good Project challenged students to use their prior knowledge of math and science in a real world application,” said Barry. “This helped them see that the things they are learning in the classroom could be utilized, not only in service of the community, but also towards future careers in culinary arts."  

Once their application was accepted, the group received enough flour, yeast, donation bags, and some kitchen tools to help get them started. Using materials provided, the students got busy watching educational videos, reading from recipe books, planning, and practicing their baking skills. They calculated quantities for the additional ingredients, materials, and kitchen equipment needed to bake 320 rolls from scratch for donation to an area homeless shelter. Finally, the teams took to the kitchen for a lesson in baking and service.

Once all 10 teams had made their allotted 32 braided rolls, the surplus was enough to make fresh loaves of bread for their own dinners, and still bring a batch of loaves to the shelter.

The Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) provides services to children who reside in facilities as part of State Operated Programs and are the responsibility of state boards, agencies, or institutions. PWCS is contracted through the Virginia Department of Education to provide comparable educational services to students while they are detained, to include instruction in all content area classes, health/physical education, online learning opportunities, social-emotional opportunities, remediation, specifically in math and reading, SOL and WIDA Testing, and GED® preparation and testing.