International guest visits Stonewall Jackson High School
Posted on 10/03/2019
IB students with Dr. Sasa from Myanmar

Students in Stonewall Jackson High School's International Baccalaureate Programme recently welcomed medical doctor and health care activist Dr. Sasa from Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia. Dr. Sasa came with a message of inspiration, perseverance, and service to others.

The stop at Stonewall Jackson was a part of Dr. Sasa's United States speaking tour to raise money and awareness for Health & Hope, an organization that provides health care for villages in Myanmar. During his presentation to IB students, he shared his story about the struggles he faced in earning his education and about how determined he has always been to help his community. He said, “When I saw the suffering in my village, I knew I could not do everything- but I also knew I could not do nothing. Doing something, what I could do, was the most important thing.”

One of the highlights of Dr. Sasa's talk is when he recounted the time soldiers arrived at his clinic to destroy it and his work. Though he feared for his life, he said, “How are you, my friend? You must be tired. Come, I have a chicken. Let’s eat together.” The soldiers not only spared his life and clinic, they actually donated to his cause. He said what he learned that day is that love really is stronger than war.

The international guest taught students the difference a determined individual can make. Dr. Sasa ended his presentation by telling the students ‘to be trees that provide nourishing fruit for others, no matter what kind of fruit they make.’