Chris Yung Elementary release “Birds of Peace” on special day
Posted on 10/02/2019
Peace doves clustered on Tree of Peace

On the eve of the International Day of Peace “Peace Day,” students and staff at Chris Yung Elementary School recognized the observance with activities designed to raise awareness and to spread the message of peace. Peace Day is recognized around the world and occurs annually on September 21.

“Kids need a sense of empathy. They feel if they work together, they can make peace happen,” said Faith Broome, art teacher at Chris Yung and coordinator of the event. “I would love for our students to carry this sense of peace with them into their future, to make their world a better place to live.”

Each year, the staff and students prepare for the celebration based on a primary theme. This year, second-fifth grade students folded origami doves as a symbol of peace. Students who felt confident with the process folded doves for the younger grades and other members of the Chris Yung family. The doves were strung together and hung over the school’s Peace Tree painted on the wall by Broome. Classroom teachers used writing prompts to encourage students to put into words what peace means to them.

Student holding up his written explanation of what peace means to him.

When the time was at hand, students filed out of the building and sat on the playground, forming a large circle. Principal Kathy Notyce invited a handful of students to share their written message of peace with the crowd and encouraged a few faculty members to share their thoughts as well.

To conclude the event, students sang the school’s song for the year, “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. It was an emotional scene as many classmates held arms around each other swaying to the familiar tune. Then, as patiently as they had filed out of the building, the children retreated to their classrooms to prepare for final bell. Along the way, Axel, a student in Mrs. Ramirez’s first grade class, proudly shared his message, “Peace is saying hello, using my words, and being kind.”