Student -run coffee shops at Alvey and King Elementary Schools have many 'perks'
Posted on 10/15/2019
Students at Alvey and King Elementary Schools run coffee services

There is something great “brewing” at J.W. Alvey Elementary and King Elementary, especially on Fridays when the smell of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate float through the halls, and the students who have prepared these liquid treats are making personal deliveries to staff throughout the buildings.

Alvey teachers Tanya Deyerle and Michael Zimmon were looking for a way to give their students a sense of pride, purpose, and school involvement, and the Friday Coffee Cart was born. The project is both a comprehensive academic and social activity combining reading, writing, math, sequencing, following directions, and social skills development. 

Every Friday, students fill as many as 20 orders from Alvey staff for coffee, hot chocolate, and assorted teas. The students are responsible for cutting the paper order forms and placing them in teacher boxes on Thursday afternoons. They sort the orders, marking each cup with a designated color to denote the beverage. Alvey students deliver hot drinks to staff in classroom
Students stock the cart with sugar packets and a variety of creamers and set out Friday mornings to deliver. A math lesson follows where the students sort the paper bills from the coins, count the money, fill out a deposit slip, and turn it in. All proceeds from the coffee cart go back into the coffee account to purchase more supplies, and sometimes for a free treat for the staff.

The Friday Coffee Cart has become a wonderful addition to the classroom and the school," commented Deyerle. It's a way for staff and students to see all kinds of kids engaged in the school community. They see people who look like them and some who don’t." Paper Cups and coffee supplies

At King Elementary, Café 110 was launched after teacher Sarah Stamper was inspired by the student-run restaurants at Forest Park and Freedom High Schools. "I saw the valuable life skills the students in the high schools were learning, how included the students were, and wanted it for my King students,” shared Stamper.

King Elementary Cafe 110 students Just like at Alvey, Stamper’s students take orders from King teachers and staff for hot drinks and select treats. The students prepare every item sold, and each Friday at 9:30 a.m., Café 110 goes mobile with students delivering the items to their very happy customers around the building.

“They absolutely love making deliveries to the teachers and seeing their peers in the classroom,” commented Stamper. “Café 110 has been a great opportunity to spread awareness of differences and provide real life experiences for my students!” King students in front of coffee machinesKing student delivers hot drink to staff member in classroom

Alvey’s Friday Coffee Cart and King’s Café 110 offer skills-building for students and create inclusive environments. That’s #PositivelyPWCS! Positively PWCS