Ten schools receive Purple Star designation in 2019
Posted on 10/24/2019
Purple Star Logo  placed in two rows of five. Upper left corner is the PositivelyPWCS logo

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and the Virginia Council on the Interstate Compact on the Educational Opportunity for Military Children (Virginia Council) have named 10 PWCS schools as Distinguished Purple Star Schools. The Purple Star designation is awarded to schools based on their commitment to meeting the needs of military-connected students and their families. The 10 schools receiving this designation are Fitzgerald, Henderson, Kyle Wilson, Pattie, and Springwoods Elementary Schools; Benton, Gainesville, and Parkside Middle Schools; Forest Park and Woodbridge High Schools.

Counselors and other staff at all 10 schools work closely with military families to provide relevant resources to military families to ease the transition to the new school and community. Some examples of the resources provided are a student-led transition program that provides peer support for newly enrolled military-connected students and providing support to the students and their families when their service member is deployed.

Ashland and Penn Elementary Schools, and Porter Traditional School all received the Purple Star School designation last year. Every three years schools will need to reapply for Purple Star designation.

Providing a welcoming school environment for all students is Positively PWCS!