PWCS Summer Conferences

Conferences hosted by the Office of Professional Learning include: the Student Leadership Conference (SLC), the Excellence and Equity in Education (EEE) Leadership Conference, the Assistant Principal/Administrative Intern (AP/AI) Summer Conference Day and PWCS Connect.

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The required annual EEE Leadership Conference is a professional learning day designed for all central office, school-based administrators, and teacher leaders. Approximately 10 attendees, per school, participate in the EEE Leadership Conference, which occurs in August at a pre-selected school that can accommodate a large number of administrators and school leaders for a full day of sessions, including a keynote(s) for the Divisionwide focus.

AP/AI Summer Conference Day

The annual, required AP/AI Summer Conference Day is a professional learning day designed specifically for all assistant principals and administrative interns from the newly hired to the most experienced in the Division. This all-day professional development session covers topics that build their knowledge, skills, and understanding to be effective leaders in PWCS. Topics include, but not limited to PPP, human resources management topics, and current legal issues in education.

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Teacher Connect

The annual PWCS Connect is an orientation and induction core service for all new instructional hires to the Division, which takes place prior to the start of the school year. The 3-day PWCS Connect provides guidance and non-evaluative support in responding to new teacher’s content specific needs. PWCS requires new hires to the division attend the first two days of the three-day orientation. Day one takes place at a pre-selected school that can accommodate a large number of new hires for a full day, including a keynote introduction and lunch. Day Two takes place at individual schools, during which the Lead Mentor and school administrators share school-based information. The Office of Professional Learning provides School-based Orientation guidelines. Day Three takes place on the Division Professional Learning day in early October. This day addresses Division initiatives and areas of focus to include, “just in time” topics relevant to the needs of new PWCS educators. The PWCS Connect core service supports professional learning that aligns with the Divisionwide professional learning plan to support new professional educators, administrators, as well as experienced teachers.

Student Leadership Conference

The annual Student Leadership Conference (SLC) provides opportunities for students with leadership/leadership potential (70 from each high school and 25 from each middle school) the opportunity to keynote, present, perform, network, and attend sessions to inspire students to seek or accept leadership responsibilities as part of the contribution to society and to support the development of socio-conscious global thinking and actions. The SLC collaborates with school leaders, students, area businesses, and higher learner institutions as keynote speakers, session presenters, and sponsors to fill 100 sessions, requiring time and coordination.