Virginia Secretary of Education visits Hylton High and Beville Middle
Posted on 10/29/2019
Students at Hylton HS with Secretary QarniVirginia Secretary of Education Atif Qarni recently visited Hylton High School and Beville Middle School. Qarni was a civics teacher at Beville Middle School for nine years before joining Governor Ralph Northam’s cabinet.

Qarni did a roundtable discussion at Hylton High School, allowing students to ask for insight on where the State Board of Education stands on specific issues. He also visited the cabinetmaking, auto technology and television production classes and joined Principal David Cassidy and Assistant Principal Tony Switzer for lunch.

At Beville Middle School, Principal Tim Keenan shared updates on the school’s current renovations. Many of Qarni’s former students greeted him with hugs and proud smiles, while teachers were excited to welcome their former colleague.