Teachers find creative ways to engage students
Posted on 10/30/2019
Teachers and students dressed up and celebrating Rock Your School Day

Teachers at The Nokesville School and T. Clay Wood Elementary joined thousands of educators around the world for Rock Your School Day. Teachers created captivating educational experiences by transforming their classrooms and trying out different instructional practices in hopes of sparking an excitement about learning for students.

“It’s a day where teachers from around the world are challenged to do something outside the box that is fun and engaging for students,” commented Mallory Dove, a sixth-grade science teacher at The Nokesville School.

Dove’s class compared the mass of the cream in a regular Oreo to a Double Stuf Oreo to see if it really is double-stuffed. They also compared the length and volume of a gummy bear to a gummy worm to see how many bears equal a worm. These labs were done to give students experience in the scientific method process and using lab equipment.

Maysha Dawson, a seventh-grade science teacher at The Nokesville School, focused on a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activity that emphasized scientific method standards. Dawson enjoys doing room transformations with her class since it really engages students in the activity. Dawson shared that as students entered the classroom, many stated, "we are going to have a lot of fun today." “It was really exciting to hear students excited to come to class,” Dawson added.

T. Clay Wood Elementary also participated in Rock Your School Day. The third-grade teacher team transformed their classrooms with rock-and-roll décor and teachers and students dressed up in rock-and-roll outfits. Among the activities they participated include reading and reporting on famous singers. Students also enjoyed a photo booth with props from the era.

Fourth grade teachers Katie Cortash and Samantha Curry created a 1950s theme complete with a rock-and-roll math scavenger hunt and a sock hop dance party with root beer floats. Students also wrote about how they were going to “rock” fourth grade this year.

Rock Your School Day is a movement promoted by Get Your Teach On, an organization that provides professional development for educators. Next year the event is scheduled for September 24, and has the goal of getting every student in every classroom to love to learn. Get Your Teach On hosts a website where educators can connect with other Rock Your School participants to share experiences and discover creative ways to show students that school is a place they want to be each and every day.