Students use Flipgrid to provide personalized book reviews for their peers
Posted on 10/31/2019
ITC Sara Ross and a male student working on a Flipgrid book review

Educational innovation is alive and well at Covington-Harper Elementary School (CHES). When Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) Sara Ross wanted to enhance her students’ interest in reading, she approached Jill Tulloss, CHES librarian, with the idea to bring a Flipgrid book review station to the library. Students already use Flipgrid in the classroom. Tulloss agreed that using the Flipgrid platform for book reviews would be a good program to engage the students in the book selection process.

Ross explained, “Ultimately, we want kids to be excited and encouraged to read. Kids learning from kids about a possible book they read could be a turning point for readers who are struggling to find a book they want to read.”

A dedicated Flipgrid book review station is now in the library, complete with a computer, emoji signs to rate the books, directions to record the book review, a list of genres to categorize books, and the book review forms. Once the students have finished a book and filled out the review form, they can create a short one- to two-minute video reviewing their book. Every book reviewed will have a QR code placed on the back. A student who hasn’t read the book can scan the QR code at the book review station to see the review(s) of the book. CHES ITC Sara Ross helping a s

Ross shared her idea with some fellow ITCs and now multiple schools will partner to create and share book reviews submitted by students. The six schools participating in this program are: Covington-Harper, Dale City, Henderson, Kyle Wilson, Neabsco, and Old Bridge Elementary Schools.

“It’s exciting, because now students can see book reviews from students at different schools, not just their school,” said Ross.