Veteran spotlight: A look at Sergio Nino’s career path shows that service takes many forms
Posted on 11/12/2019
Photo collage of 3 photos of military veteran and PWCS employee Sergio Nino in his 3 careers, soldier, red cross manager, and school security officer for PWCS

Sergio Nino II is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He says he is first, and foremost, a soldier. But a look at his career path shows that underneath any uniform he may wear, lives a heart bent on service. Nino’s wife of 39 years, Anastasia, is also an army veteran, and one of his two sons followed in their footsteps, beginning his military service in 2005.

Nino, security officer at Forest Park High School, served more than 20 years in the Army. He was a senior medic with a tank battalion on the front lines in Desert Storm. He and another medic served an 80-man crew of soldiers, treating everything from toothaches to colds to more serious injuries.

“You name it, we did it,” said Nino. “During my time in the service, my family traveled from Europe to Asia and the Middle East, and various state-side assignments in the U.S. I’ve been here since ‘91 and I retired in ‘96.”

After retiring from the military, Nino worked for the Red Cross, serving first as a blood collection manager, and then a station manager at Ft. Belvoir, Andrews AFB, and Quantico to provide volunteers for hospitals. When his position was eliminated, he was able to retire again.

Then in 2012, after the holidays one winter day, a school bus drove by as Nino was taking the lights down from his house and the thought of driving a school bus occurred to him. He received his CDL license and became a PWCS school bus driver. Now, in his eighth year with the School Division, he still drives a bus on occasion, serving as one of Forest Park High School’s activity bus drivers, but more often you can find him in his primary role as the School Security Officer for the school.

In this role, he watches over the school, patrolling the property to assure that buildings and grounds are safe and secure during the school days.

“Every day is something new,” said Nino. “Most people don’t realize what you are responsible for when driving a bus – you have to have a halo with eyes all around it! But, keeping active helps me stay young, and spending time with the kids and hearing about their music.”