Natalia Ayala-Torres speaks at congressional hearing on technology in schools
Posted on 11/15/2019
Natalia Ayala-Torres a senior at WSHS, Katie Fielding the ITC at WSHS, and another student who participated in the congressional hearing in the room where the hearing occurred.

Woodbridge High School student Natalia Ayala-Torres represented Prince William County Public Schools at a congressional hearing on technology in schools, as a part of the Speak Up Research Initiative. She was able to share her perspective on the role of technology and how it supports her learning experiences in the classroom.

The Speak Up Congressional briefing helps to inform lawmakers about the impact and changes that technology use in the classroom has on student learning. This hearing also provides the opportunity for a discussion on the impact of technology and digital learning on preparing students for college and careers.

When asked about the opportunity to participate on the student panel, Ayala-Torres said, “I am so grateful to have been able to provide my input as an Advanced Placement and engineering student towards the research involving technology usage in school. I admired how Project Tomorrow selected students from varying ages to partake in this event.”

Ayala-Torres continued, “It meant so much to me to return to Woodbridge and see the positive feedback I was receiving from the administration and my cohorts. Several of my teachers had even stopped class to watch the briefing and were able to apply the information given at the briefing in class.”

Students speaking with lawmakers about digital learning is Positively PWCS!