PWCS second-graders learn water safety at the Aquatics Center
Posted on 11/20/2019
A row of students ready to enter the pool at the PWCS Aquatics Center

The PWCS Water Safety School is celebrating a milestone — 10,000 students served! Since its opening in the 2016-17 school year, second-graders have been arriving by the busload at the PWCS Aquatics Center to learn about water safety.

The Aquatics Center covers all costs of the program, including transportation, instructors, and lifeguards. Free swimming instruction based on the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim curriculum is included in the program. However, Aquatics Manager A.J. Dunn said he is most proud of how the Aquatics Center has been able to prevent water tragedies through the water safety component.

“Water safety is all about being safe in and around the water,” explained Dunn. “We teach students basic water safety concepts like ‘Reach or Throw, Don’t Go,’ and ‘Don’t Just Pack It, Wear Your Jacket.’ These water safety topics are incorporated into each day of the program to provide constant reinforcement of those concepts.”