With GratiTuesdays, Parkside Middle School students and staff don’t restrict their thankfulness to November
Posted on 11/26/2019
Parkside Middle School students gather to write down reasons they are grateful Parkside Middle School students and staff don’t limit their thankfulness to November. According to Parkside’s school counselor, Caroline Young, the school has a plan to focus on things they are grateful for all year long by scheduling “GratiTuesday” events. Held the first Tuesday of each month, all students and staff have the opportunity to participate by writing one thing for which they are grateful during their lunch period in the cafeteria and then displaying it in fun ways for all to see.

The goal of GratiTuesdays is to spread kindness and to encourage students and staff to focus on positive thoughts, with the messages posted around the school acting as reminders throughout the month.

“My belief is that recognizing the things you are grateful for is a way to practice mindfulness and just a good reminder of the good in our lives,” said Young. “We have received great feedback. The students were excited to participate. Parents have given compliments too, seeing the monthly displays in the front of the building.”

For October’s GratiTuesday event, students and staff wrote on pumpkins for the lunch event theme "positivity and pumpkins." November’s theme was "thankfulness and turkeys." Paper strips bearing messages of thankfulness for everything from pizza to being alive became tail feathers of turkeys now on display around the building.

“Students often asked if they could write more than one thing, which is wonderful because that means they want to celebrate a number of things in their life!” said Young.