Bringing awareness of the importance of inclusion to the students at Montclair Elementary School
Posted on 12/17/2019
Two students sitting at a table working on  communicating through sign language

Students at Montclair Elementary School explored different ways to make their school more inclusive for every student to attend and learn, as a part of Inclusive Schools Week, this year celebrated from December 2 – 6. Each class discussed what it means to be inclusive and then brainstormed ways to make the culture at Montclair Elementary more welcoming and open to meet the needs of every student.

To increase awareness, while creating an environment that is welcoming for everyone, the students learned about many different types of disabilities. Different stations were set up around the library to allow the exploration of several disabilities. Some of these stations included reading a message in Braille, completing a peg board while blindfolded, using sign language to communicate with a partner, navigating in a wheel chair, and using sensory bins.

Speaking about the activities, Montclair Librarian Laura Provencio said, “The first-hand experiences gave our students a greater appreciation of what it might be like to live with a disability. Additionally, every student in the school put their thumbprint or hand print on our canvas to make a flower. This represented inclusiveness because everyone in the school added a print, and the finished product will be hung in the school hallway.”