Out-of-Season Practice Message

Prince William County Schools (PWCS) has decided to allow out-of-season practice. The number one concern is the safety of our staff and students. After much consideration, we believe we can provide the opportunity for our students to improve on their social, mental, and physical health by allowing out-of-season practice. Initially this out-of-season practice will mostly be in the form of conditioning as no equipment will be allowed. Every coach participating will receive training about the precautions being taken and the expectations the division has to follow social distancing practices and guidelines. out-of-season practice sessions are not mandatory for our students nor our coaches. A safety precaution we are taking, is the answering of a mandatory daily COVID-19 health screening utilizing the SportsWare Online program.

Before participating in out-of-season practice, athletes are required to provide the Athletic Department with a current physical dated on or after May 1, 2020, a signed PWCS concussion training, and a completed emergency card. Coaches will review COVID-19 safety precautions with their student-athletes to help ensure safe practices during practice sessions.

To enter your information, visit the SportWare website. The first time you visit the website you will need to enter your school email address and click Get Password. Below you will find instructions to help you log in and register.

The information you entered is not shared outside of your individual school. The certified athletic trainer is the only person who has access to your medical information. The emergency contact information can be accessed by the athlete’s coach during their respective season only. SportsWare is a fully HIPPA compliant program.

Below is a general overview of what each party can expect

Students/Parents should register with their school email address on SportsWare. The VHSL physical form and PWCS concussion training form can be uploaded on SportWare. Each day a student wishes to participate in out-of-season practice, a parent must complete the health screening by noon. Upon arrival at the school, the student shall remain in the car until checked in by a coach or athletic trainer. Students must bring a mask and their own filled water bottle. Students are expected to social distance a minimum of six feet at all times. In the case of an emergency inclement weather event, students will be taken inside for shelter purposes only. Masks must be worn in the building. Students shall stay in their respective pods and not interact with other sessions during transitions. For example, students leaving the 9 a.m. session should not interact with students arriving for the 11 a.m. session.

Coaches will be required to attend a virtual training session prior to holding any out-of-season practice sessions. The registration for these sessions will be in PowerSchool. If a coach does not have a PWCS email address, they should contact Hilda Layne, Secretary of Student Activities, at [email protected] to request the link for the training. The coach’s attendance will be verified and sent to the Director of Student Activities (DSA) of their school. Coaches must provide practice plans to their DSA one week prior to the session/s being held. Coaches will be responsible for maintaining social distancing of their student-athletes and continued training/reinforcement of safe practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Coaches will receive a list of eligible participants daily from the athletic trainer. Coaches are not to allow participation of anyone not on that day’s list. Coaches are to supervise their student-athletes and are not to leave until all their students have left.

Athletic trainers (ATs) will run the list of students eligible to participate each day and provide that list to the coaches and DSA. ATs can assist with coaches screening and student check-ins. ATs can provide emergency care but will not be doing treatments for rehabilitation at this time.
The DSA will be collecting and approving practice plans from coaches. The DSA will ensure that coaches are following the PWCS guidelines for out-of-season practice. The DSA will also ensure that no coach is working with our students who have not attended the virtual training session.

Below is an overview of how a coach is to register in the PowerSchool virtual training sessions:

  1. Sign in to your PWCS Outlook Account
  2. Select your Waffle on the left top corner of the page (nine dots right before the Outlook word)
  3. Select the App PS-Professional Learning Catalog
  4. Select the Course Search: Enter STA 601 Return to Activities COVID-19
  5. Once the course appears you can select the session you would like to register for and follow the prompts from there.

If you have any questions, please contact your school’s athletic office, Kelly Gardner, Supervisor of Student Activities, at [email protected], the PWCS SportsWare liaisons Jessie Shanks at [email protected], or Ashley Ausborn at [email protected].

How to set up your SportsWare account

Joining SportsWare Online

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Setting Your Password

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Updating Your Information