Daily Health Trends in PWCS**

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**The Dashboard is updated daily, on days that our schools and offices are open, with all available information at that time.

View Students in Isolation by Location

School Location Students Isolating
Alvey Elementary *
Antietam Elementary 0
Ashland Elementary *
Battlefield High 19
Bel Air Elementary *
Belmont Elementary *
Bennett Elementary *
Benton Middle 39
Beville Middle 10
Brentsville District High *
Bristow Run Elementary *
Buckland Mills Elementary *
Bull Run Middle *
C.D. Hylton High *
Cedar Point Elementary *
Charles J. Colgan Sr. High 49
Chris Yung Elementary *
Coles Elementary *
Covington-Harper Elementary *
Dale City Elementary *
Dumfries Elementary 0
Ellis Elementary 0
Enterprise Elementary *
Featherstone Elementary 0
Fitzgerald Elementary *
Forest Park High 15
Fred M. Lynn Middle *
Freedom High *
Gainesville High 10
Gainesville Middle 12
Gar-Field High 11
Glenkirk Elementary 10
Graham Park Middle *
Gravely Elementary *
Hampton Middle *
Haymarket Elementary 12
Henderson Elementary *
Independence Nontraditional 0
John D. Jenkins Elementary *
Kerrydale Elementary 0
Kilby Elementary *
King Elementary *
Kyle Wilson Elementary *
Lake Ridge Elementary *
Lake Ridge Middle *
Leesylvania Elementary *
Loch Lomond Elementary *
Marshall Elementary 14
Marsteller Middle 27
Marumsco Hills Elementary *
Mary Williams Elementary *
McAuliffe Elementary *
Minnieville Elementary *
Montclair Elementary *
Mountain View Elementary *
Mullen Elementary *
Neabsco Elementary *
Occoquan Elementary *
Old Bridge Elementary *
Osbourn Park High 21
PACE West *
Parkside Middle *
Patriot High 17
Pattie Elementary *
Penn Elementary 10
Pennington Traditional *
Piney Branch Elementary 13
Porter Traditional *
Potomac High 18
Potomac Middle 0
Potomac Shores Middle *
Potomac View Elementary 0
Rippon Middle 12
River Oaks Elementary 0
Rockledge Elementary *
Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle *
Rosa Parks Elementary *
Saunders Middle 21
Signal Hill Elementary *
Sinclair Elementary *
Springwoods Elementary *
Sudley Elementary 0
Swans Creek Elementary *
T. Clay Wood Elementary *
The Nokesville School 16
Triangle Elementary *
Tyler Elementary 11
Unity Braxton Middle *
Unity Reed High *
Vaughan Elementary *
Victory Elementary 21
Washington-Reid Preschool Center 0
West Gate Elementary *
Westridge Elementary 25
Woodbridge High 22
Woodbridge Middle 11
Yorkshire Elementary 0

*At least one person, but less than 10, is/are in isolation. Consistent with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), specific numbers are withheld if deemed that the number could lead to identification of a single person.

About this Data

Beginning February 22, 2022, this Dashboard will include daily totals of actively isolating staff and students. Numbers may increase or decrease depending on the required period of isolation. When isolation dates expire, those cases will be removed from the totals.

Effective February 22, 2022, PWCS is no longer tracking quarantine data on a daily basis. If COVID-19 cases impact 10% or more of a school or building population, PWCS will implement contact tracing and quarantine if recommended by local health officials. PWCS will no longer quarantine students or staff if schools are below this 10% threshold.

  • Isolating: Those in isolation are being treated as having COVID-19.
  • Quarantining: Close contacts quarantine when exposed to another individual being treated as having COVID-19.

Additional COVID-19 Data Information

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View Data from September 4, 2020 – September 27, 2021

*Monthly totals are updated within five days after the last day of the month.