Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) secured vaccinations for School Division staff through the Prince William Health District, INOVA, and Novant UVA Health System. All PWCS employees, full time, part-time, ROP, substitute, and temporary, have been sent emails with registration links for first-dose appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccine Information


As of February 10, all PWCS employees, full time, part-time, ROP, substitute, and temporary, have been sent emails with registration links for first-dose appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination. Employees with questions about first doses please send an email requesting the registration links to

PWCS employees were prioritized for vaccine administration and as a result, through collaboration with Novant, school-sponsored clinics were scheduled for our employees to receive the vaccine. After we complete our school-sponsored clinics, staff who have yet to be vaccinated will have to seek out other options to schedule an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions as of January 26, 2021

Q. Are two doses needed for the vaccination?
A. Yes. The FDA has authorized both the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, and CDC has recommended both vaccines; they both require two separate shots. 
Q. Do I have to get a vaccine?
A. Vaccination is currently an employee’s choice, there is no requirement for vaccination. Although the decision to be vaccinated is a voluntary one at this time, an employee’s decision to remain unvaccinated will not be considered an impediment to reporting onsite as needed to support our in-person learning
Q.  I received an invitation to register. Can I share this invitation with other employees?
A.  No. Only employees who receive an invitation may register for their vaccine.
Q. What happens if I am forwarded the link and register, even though I am not currently eligible?
A. Do NOT share the link; it is specific for the individual receiving the email, and by invitation only based on priority, and only for PWCS employees. 
Q. Can I register to get my vaccine during a school day?
A. Some vaccination times may be available during the school day. Employees may notify their supervisor of the need for the leave to receive the vaccination and they will be provided professional leave. 
Q. Why do I need the COVID-19 vaccine? (Source: Prince William Health District)
A. The COVID-19 vaccine will greatly reduce your chances of getting COVID-19 and will ensure that if you do get the virus, you will have only mild symptoms or none at all.
We don’t know yet why some healthy people become seriously ill or die from COVID-19, while other people with COVID-19 only become mildly sick. There’s no way to know how COVID-19 will affect you. Once vaccinated, your body will build immunity to the virus so you are less likely to get sick.
Experts continue to conduct more studies about the effect of COVID-19 vaccination on severity of illness from COVID-19, as well as its ability to keep people from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.
Q. If someone already had COVID-19, do they still need to be vaccinated? (Source: Prince William Health District)
A. Yes, regardless of history (symptomatic or asymptomatic), they should get the vaccine.  In the clinical trial, there were patients with serologic evidence of previous infection.   Patients should be out of the isolation period and out of the active stage of infection when they get vaccinated.
The one exception for vaccination might be for those people who had COVID-19 earlier but who have not recovered completely and are still having long-term effects. If you are still having long-term effects after COVID-19, you should discuss COVID-19 vaccination with your healthcare provider.
While there is otherwise no recommended minimum interval between infection and vaccination, current evidence suggests that reinfection is uncommon in the 90 days after initial infection. Thus, persons with documented COVID-19 in the preceding 90 days may delay vaccination until near the end of this period, if desired.
Q. Where can I get more information about the vaccines?
A. Visit the Virginia Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control