Vertical Rock

During December 2021, Patriot High School’s students in personal fitness and adaptive physical education worked together to climb the indoor rock walls at Vertical Rock in Manassas. Health and physical education (HPE) educators Mr. Steve Havens and Ms. Kathleen Kitchen instructed students in a three-week unit in indoor rock climbing. Students reached new heights through practice and multiple tries on the wall(s), and students worked together to encourage one another, overcome fears, and build their core strength! Several students became belay certified, passing a certification test to attach one end of the rope and safely guide and assist participants while rock climbing. Thank you to the HPE teachers, administrators, and students at Patriot High School and Vertical Rock for this incredible opportunity.

students climbing the rock     students looking at the rock

student at the top of the rock     A man holding the rope for climbers

students at the top of the rock