Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are glad that you and your family are members of our diverse community, where more than one hundred different languages are now spoken. Prince William County Public Schools is committed to giving every student a World-Class Education. Since family partnership is critical in that process, we are pleased to offer some basic information to help every parent and guardian to understand and become involved with their child’s education.

All school materials are provided in English; however, we continually translate key documents and information into the most-commonly requested languages in our area.

Speakers of most languages can benefit from important and regularly updated information on both the Prince William County Public Schools website——and individual school sites. All contain a prominent Google Translation tool, offering limited translation in more than 50 languages. Computerized translations are often imperfect, but still provide valuable links to school information. If you lack computer access at home, you can use one at any public library.

Most importantly, the School Division provides access to professional interpreters to help speakers of most any language understand documents containing essential information about student and parent rights, responsibilities, expectations, and other issues related to schooling and the benefits and services students can receive. Interpreters can assist with parent conferences about these matters to ensure that everyone’s input is conveyed and understood. These services are provided at no cost to families.

Use any of these methods when you need specific assistance.

  • Online— visit our Translation Services webpage 
  • In Person—visit your child’s school. It is unlikely that a speaker of your language will always  be available. However, an employee will use a poster to assist you and contact an interpreter. Assistance in Any Language Poster
  • In all cases, you will be asked to supply the following:
    • Your name and the name of your child;
    • Your child’s school, grade level, and teacher’s name;
    • The individual (by name or job) you want to speak with, and the subject of the discussion; and
    • The telephone number and time at which you can best be reached.
  • If your child brings home a message from school requesting a meeting; or you wish to arrange a discussion
    with a teacher or other school official, use the methods above to ask for an interpreter to help with these
    important conversations. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Your involvement can make a positive difference in your child’s education, and we are eager to assist by making these services available to you. We hope this letter clearly communicates the Prince William County Public Schools' commitment to your child and to you. I am confident that you share our desire for every student to receive a World-Class Education.