Changes to operations in PWCS may affect access to telephone, walk-in and mail services and may affect processing and response times.

Please read the information provided below carefully. If applicable, please visit ScribOrder to place an order for educational records.

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If you are unable to reach the PWCS Records Center Team by telephone, please contact a team member via email. 

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Student Records

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) maintains student records in compliance with federal and state laws. PWCS Policies and Regulations are developed in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is the federal law protecting the privacy of student scholastic records. All public schools, including PWCS, are mandated to ensure proper policies and procedures are implemented to protect the content of scholastic records, regardless of the medium.

For additional information, please review the following:

*Parents/Guardians  of Actively Enrolled PWCS Students: To request a copy of your child's educational records, please contact your child's school directly. 

For all other requests for copies of educational records, please visit the ScribOrder website as follows:

PK-12 Educational Institutions*:

  • Transcript/Report Cards
  • Health - Physical/Immunizations
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Special Education/504
  • English Language Learner (ELL)
  • Gifted
  • Legal/Custody
  • Other (please include a note in Special Instructions with additional information)

*If the student has separated from PWCS for less than 90 days, please select the last school of attendance as 'School' on the Transfer Request.  If the student has separated from PWCS for more than 90 days, please select PWCS Records as 'School' on the Transfer Request.

Former Students:

  • High School Transcript—$5 per copy per address
  • Middle School Transcript—$5 per copy per address
  • Elementary School Transcript—$5 per copy per address
  • Replacement Diploma—$10 per Diploma*
  • National External Diploma Transcript—$5 per copy per address
  • GED Certificate 2001 and previous—$5 per copy per address**
  • LPN Transcript—$5 per copy per address
  • SAT/ACT Test Student Score Report—$5 per copy per address (if available)
  • Immunization/Health Record—$5 per copy per address
  • Immigration Enrollment Verification Packet—$10 per copy

*Replacement Diplomas are not an exact copy of the original diploma and will have the most current Principal, Superintendent and Chairman of the Prince William County School Board signatures. Replacement Diplomas will not contain various academic seals.

**Beginning January 2, 2014 all GED Certificates/Transcripts dated 2002-present date shall be ordered through the GED Virginia website.

Colleges/Universities or Corporation/Government Agencies*:

  • Education Verification—$25 per request
  • High School Transcript—$25 per copy

*If you are an investigator, please contact  Records Center staff for additional information.

Once the request has been submitted online, your payment will be processed (if applicable) and you will begin receiving emails from to notify you of the status of your order. It is important you read the emails carefully, as additional information may be required to process the request. Once the order has been fulfilled you will receive email confirmation.

All third-party requests for documents and/or verification of graduation must be completed online.


To request access to and/or duplication of educational records not listed above, please submit a request to Depending on the specific details of the request, the fulfillment may be coordinated by the Administrative Coordinator, Records & FERPA Compliance or by school staff. 

All requests for access to and/or duplication of student educational records are processed under the procedures set forth in Policy 790, Student Educational Records and Regulation 790-2 , Disclosure/Access to Student Educational Records.

If you would like for PWCS to release your educational records/information to third-parties please complete the FERPA Information Disclosure Consent Form (PDF)

Student educational records are forwarded to the PWCS Records Center after withdrawal or graduation, for a retention period of five years. After five years, the records are purged and only long-term documents are maintained, per the requirements of General Schedule 21 of the Library of Virginia. You may request the original student educational record prior to June 1 of the processing year by contacting the Records Center.

If you have any questions, please contact 703-791-7395.