Supporting Continuity of Learning for Professional Educators

Professional Learning for educators of ELs is available through the Division Professional Learning Catalog. For the purpose of developing and strengthening instruction for teaching English Learners, staff members may log-in, view and register for a variety of sessions. These sessions have a prefix of EPLP in the Catalog. Additional assistance is provided by contacting Dr. Eileen Lockhart at

A list of sessions may also be found in the current Course for EL Professional Learning (PDF),  2019-20 Extended EL Educator Professional Learning Plan (EPLP) Menu (PDF) or the On Demand flyer (PDF) for easy access to online sessions. (PWCS log-in is required to access these documents.)

If alternate professional development is chosen outside of the approved EPLP Menu or Professional Learning Catalog, the Key EL Instructional Checklist (PDF)is to be used (PWCS log-in required to access this document). The Checklist is used to validate explicit strategies for English Learner instruction that are covered in the alternate professional learning and to determine points that meet required EPLP criteria. The completed Key EL Instructional Checklist is to be approved by an administrator and sent to the Office of EL Programs and Services before EPLP points are awarded.

All current EPLP professional learning online and currently in session will remain open until May 31, 2020. Contact your session facilitator or Eileen Lockhart, lockhaex@pwcs, if you have a question or would like additional information.

Teaching ELs with Sheltered Content Instruction

Ready to expand your knowledge through EPLP 723 Teaching English Learners with Sheltered Content Instruction? The Office of English Learner Programs and Services offers varied formats of instruction, including Hybrid, fully online, and face-to-face training.

Please see the chart below for detailed information.

Code & Session Number Location Days/Times Hours & Learning Method
EPLP 716*
Train-the-Trainer Session
New Dominion Spring dates TBD
(8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)
18 hours
(Three days - six hours each day)
*administrator approval required
*must attend all sessions
EPLP 722
Teaching English Learners with Sheltered Content Instruction
GMU course credit - Tuition paid for by Office of EL Programs and Services
New Dominion Winter session began January 30, 2020
45 hours for 45 EPLP Points
4:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays
90 re-certification points via GMU graduate credits
Free Tuition
EPLP 723.7, EPLP 723.8, EPLP 723.9, EPLP 723.10
Teaching English Learners with Sheltered Content Hybrid Instruction
Hybrid (online and face-to-face) EPLP 723.7 - (Full 45 hours)
EPLP 723.8 - Year 1 Fall
EPLP 723.9 - Year 2 Winter
EPLP 723.10 - Year 3 Spring
Years 1, 2, and 3 are 15 hours each

Please contact Christina Lo, Supervisor of EL Instruction at with any questions regarding these courses.