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“Right to Know” is a generic term describing an employee’s legal right to obtain information about the hazards of chemical substances used on the job, and the precautions necessary to safely work with these materials. Virginia Department of Labor and Industry requires Prince William County Public Schools to communicate this information to affected employees. The regulation is logically named “Hazard Communication.” The Department of Risk Management and Security Services coordinates implementation of the Hazard Communication Program. All employees of Prince William County Schools are provided with information or training to become familiar with the Hazard Communication Program. If you work with hazardous materials, specific training will be provided concerning the hazardous chemicals in your workplace and safe work practices.

The Department of Risk Management and Security Services is available to answer questions, respond to concerns, or provide information related to hazardous materials or practices in your workplace.

According to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard all employees have a right to know what chemicals they are exposed to at work. As a result, all manufacturers have to provide to the buyer a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for every product they sell. By law the information found on the SDS must give all product information including safety precautions and emergency information. Upon request employees have the right to review any SDS. If the SDS cannot be found in the event of an emergency, PWCS has contracted 3E Company to provide this service.

How to Obtain a Safety Data Sheet

If you need a SDS, contact 3E by referring to the posters distributed throughout your school or your department.

If you would rather have the SDS emailed to you, give the operator your PWCS email address. If you don't tell them to email the information, it will be sent to the nearest fax (according to 3E's records).

For example, you are called to a science lab because of a spill. If you have the container or know what was spilled and can not locate the SDS quickly, call 3E and get the Safety Data Sheet. The emergency medical technicians, fire department personnel, hospital staff, etc. will need this information to respond to the needs of people involved and to clean up the area in the proper manner.

Please remember that this particular service is for emergencies only.

Any questions or concerns regarding this service should be directed to a PWCS Safety Specialist at 703-791-8330 in the Department of Risk Management and Security Services.

Updated: June 22, 2018