How To Reserve a School Location


From simple meetings and dinners to religious ceremonies and dance competitions, Prince William County Public School (PWCS) facilities host many types of community events. If interested in reserving space at a school location for an activity, please follow the steps outlined below.


Athletic organizations must register through the PWC Department of Parks and Recreation

IMPORTANT: Seeking Space For an Athletic/Recreational Organization or Event?

PWCS has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the PWC government, which establishes the PWC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) as the scheduling authority for non-profit athletic/recreational organizations and events within our elementary and middle school facilities.  Please contact the Sports Services Office first at 703.792.7060 if you:

  • represent a non-profit athletic organization seeking an elementary or middle school for athletic/sport activities (e.g. league conducting softball practices);
  • represent a non-profit athletic organization seeking an elementary or middle school for non-athletic/sport activities (e.g. soccer team holding awards ceremony); or
  • represent any non-profit organization seeking an elementary or middle school for athletic/recreational/sport activities (e.g. church conducting basketball practices)

For additional information on scheduling the fields or indoor facilities at schools for athletics, please review the webpage, Reserve a School for Athletic Activities. If unsure your organization meets the requirements for scheduling through the DPR, please contact the Office of Risk Management and Security Services at 703.791.7435.


STEP 1: Access the "Community Use" website (opens in new window) and create a personal account for use with PWCS.
Create an account and then submit your request for use of a school facility online.

Once the account is activated, access the "Community Use" website (opens in new window) once more and log in with your created user name and password to submit an electronic request to the school location of choice.

Provide a copy of all required documentation no later than two weeks prior to the event taking place. Failure to provide requested documentation will result in denial of use.

  • General Liability Insurance
    It is mandatory for all users requesting use of any PWC School facility to maintain general liability insurance while conducting activities on school property. The policy must be a minimum $1 million dollars in general liability insurance coverage and list PWC Schools as an additional insured, but only in respect to the organization's use of a facility. If you do not have general liability coverage for an event, please consider the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).  Users may generate a quote before purchasing insurance.

    Download the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) How-To Guide - PDF
    Sample Certificate of Insurance- PDF   

  • Non-Profit Status
    If seeking to rent the facilities at the reduced rate, a copy of the 501(c)(3) "Letter of Determination," as provided by the IRS, or any other legal document showing non-profit status is required.

  • Special Permits 
    In some instances, special permits may be necessary depending upon the type of activity, the manner in which the space is utilized, and/or the number of expected attendees. This is a Prince William County Government requirement. Please note , if a permit is needed, PWCS will notify the applicant and provide instructions for completing the form. The document is to be returned to the government office indicated at the top of the form, not to PWCS. Please note the below links will take you to the application located on the respective PWC government agency's website:

    Special Assembly Permit (SAP) form - Word document (opens in new window) 
    Temporary Activity Permit (TAP) form - PDF (opens in new window)

Provide all required documentation no later than two weeks prior to the event date.With the exception of the SAP and TAP Forms, all required documentation may be sent to the Office of Risk Management and Security Services via one of the following options:

Email to:
Mail to: PWC Schools
Risk Management & Security
P.O. Box 389
Manassas, VA 20108
Fax to: 703.791.7404
(no cover sheet required)

Other Helpful Community Use Documents:


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