Occupational Therapy (OT) is a related service that helps students in special education achieve functional use of fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, and self-help skills, specifically relating to their educational needs. The OT staff is committed to working collaboratively with teachers, students, parents, and other IEP team members to develop strategies and adaptations/modifications that will help students achieve.

OT services are provided to students, ages 2 years old through high school graduation, when the IEP team decides that the student requires the related service of OT in order to benefit from his or her special education program. The student’s IEP goals and objectives are developed and implemented by the IEP team. Services are provided in a combination of the following ways:

  1. Working directly with the student,
  2. Collaborating with the student’s teacher, and
  3. Monitoring the student engaged in the classroom tasks.

Research supports the importance of students practicing skills in functional activities during routine tasks. The OT staff shares knowledge with teachers and parents so that the student can practice skills correctly throughout the day.

Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants are certified by a national licensing board and they are also licensed through the Virginia Department of Health Professions.


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Occupational Therapists and Base Schools

Name Email School
Dr. Jeanine Adams millerjm2@pwcs.edu Mountain View Elementary School
Dr. Linda Carson carsonle@pwcs.edu Ashland Elementary School
Renee Moffett moffetr@pwcs.edu Parkside Middle School
Kari Cassedy cassedkr@pwcs.edu Washington-Reid PreSchool
Caroline Dart dartcl@pwcs.edu Buckland Mills Elementary School
Krista Estridge estridkr@pwcs.edu Gravely Elementary School
Sandie Ferrarese ferrarsg@pwcs.edu Montclair Elementary School
Ann Rosenfeld rosenfam@pwcs.edu Enterprise Elementary School
Rochelle Hamilton hamiltrl@pwcs.edu Fitzgerald Elementary School
Crystal Lane lanecv@pwcs.edu Alvey Elementary School
Kathy Hopson hopsonk@pwcs.edu Victory Elementary School
Dr. Kate Laslie lasliekq@pwcs.edu Woodbridge High School
Lauren Lawhead lawhelm@pwcs.edu Osbourn Park High School
Jenny Loy loyjc@pwcs.edu Antietam Elementary School
Ruby Mahajan mahajarx@pwcs.edu Bull Run Middle School
Amy Prechel precheal@pwcs.edu Rosa Parks Elementary School
Kristi Roth rothka@pwcs.edu Leesylvania Elementary School
Cheryl Shapland shaplacb@pwcs.edu Chris Yung Elementary School
Lou Stanton stantols@pwcs.edu T. Clay Wood Elementary School
Malinda Stewart stewarms@pwcs.edu Leesylvania Elementary School
Jackie Waddell waddeljr@pwcs.edu Bristow Run Elementary School
Dr. Kisha Walker walkerkn@pwcs.edu Kyle Wilson Elementary School
Carole Sturgis sturgicc@pwcs.edu Cedar Point Elementary School
Maggie Godwin godwinme@pwcs.edu Jenkins Elementary School
Nicole Cuga cugane@pwcs.edu The Nokesville School
Grace L. Tovar tovargl@pwcs.edu Leesylvania Elementary School
Renee Smith (Certified OT Assistant) smithrf@pwcs.edu Kyle Wilson Elementary School

Administrative Contacts

Heather L. Grim, Supervisor

Cindy Kowalick, Secretary

Dr. Connie Mills, Administrative Coordinator

OT Assignments By School