Kindergarten, Elementary Grades 1-5, Middle School
2018-19 and Beyond

Step 1

Parent/Guardian must read Regulation 721-1 (PDF) prior to requesting a student transfer.

Step 2

Parent/Guardian must complete the Student Transfer Request Form Attachment I (PDF) by specified deadlines. Parents must retain a copy for their personal records.

Step 3

Parent/Guardian must attach Verification of Child Care Form (PDF) only if the lack of available and affordable childcare in one's school attendance area is the reason for the transfer request.

Parent/Guardian must attach Student Transfer Request Addendum Attachment II (PDF) only if the reason for the student transfer request is extenuating circumstances for physical or psychological reasons.

Step 4

Parent/Guardian submits completed Student Request Form and any additional attachments, if required, to the base school principal for signature.

Step 5

The base school principal signs Student Transfer Request form.

Step 6

The Transfer Request Form, and additional attachments if submitted, are forwarded to requested school.

Step 7

The requested school principal signs Student Transfer Request form and approves or denies.

Step 8

Parent/Guardian is informed of requested school principal’s decision.