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The Prince William County Family Life Education (FLE) program includes a set of comprehensive, sequential, and age appropriate objectives that are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to make informed, responsible decisions related to growth and development; communication and relationships; and emotional and social health. FLE concepts are taught by classroom teachers, oftentimes with the assistance of the school counselor and/or school nurse.

Although the FLE curriculum is highly compatible with existing curricula and serves to enrich the educational experiences of students, FLE content may be considered sensitive. Therefore, parents/guardians may choose to opt their child out of all or any part of FLE instruction. Students who are opted out will be provided with non-punitive health activities during FLE instruction.

Parents/guardians should review the FLE objectives pertaining to their child’s grade or course before making opt out decisions. Detailed grade level and course-related objectives are located in the folders below. Parents/guardians who determine their child should not be included in FLE during the current school year should indicate which objectives they wish to have their child opt out of on the opt out form and return the form to the child's school prior to FLE instruction. The Parent Letter and Opt Out Form can be found below in English and translated versions.

Unless parents/guardians indicate otherwise, their child will be included in FLE. It is not necessary to return the form if parents/guardians wish for their child to participate in FLE instruction.