Prince William County Public Schools is pleased to provide a wide range of high school program opportunities for our students. Ninth-grade students may participate in the comprehensive program at their base high school, apply for the specialty program at their base high school, or apply to transfer to another high school for a specialty program. 

Additionally, students may apply for a Summer Residential Governor’s School Program, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. In the 10th  grade, students may apply for The Governor’s School @ Innovation Park.

We hope you will consider the wide range of choices available to student in Prince William County Public Schools. 

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High School Program Opportunities Information Nights

Eighth-grade students and their parents are invited to investigate the variety of specialty programs available to students as high school options. Two general information sessions in October introduce all special opportunity programs available at the high school level and offer an overview of the application process. In addition, information sessions will also be held at each high school to allow students to visit the school site and explore the program further. Please see calendar for dates. 


Program Availability

If a program receives applications for more students than the program can accept or the school can house, a lottery is held to select program participants. Under conditions of extreme overcrowding of a given school, a program may be open only to students within the school’s boundary and may be closed to all transfer students.

Application Guidelines

In order to apply for a specialty program, all students must complete an application. Applications are required for students residing within a school boundary as well as for students who transfer for a program.

Applications for students applying for the Center for Fine and Performing Arts at Colgan High School are due Monday, December 7, 2020. Auditions for all areas of concentration will be held in January 2021. Dates will be posted as soon as they are available.

For all students residing in Prince William County before January 1, final applications are due by February 1. Students moving into the county after January 1 should call the coordinator of the program.

Regional Academic Governor's Schools

In addition to specialty programs, students may apply to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology located in Fairfax, or to the The Governor’s School @ Innovation Park, a two-year program for selected high school juniors developed by PWCS, Manassas City, and Manassas Park Public School Divisions in cooperation with George Mason University. The program is located on George Mason University’s Science and Technology Campus.

Students may also apply to participate in the Summer Residential Governor's School programs.

Transportation Services

Students living within the boundaries of the specialty program school may ride their regular bus to school. Transportation services for students who reside outside the boundaries of the specialty program school will be provided via a network of proposed express bus stops. Transportation requests, including the selection of a specific express stop, must be returned to the school with the specialty program application. The transportation request process must be repeated for every year the student is enrolled in the specialty program. Parents have the responsibility to provide transportation to and from express bus stops.

Virginia High School League Eligibility

Rising ninth-grade students who transfer to a school to participate in a specialty program will be eligible to participate in VHSL sponsored activities. Rising tenth- and eleventh-grade students who transfer to any specialty program shall be ineligible to participate in VHSL sponsored activities for 365 days unless there is a corresponding change of address in accordance with VHSL Regulation 28a-7-1. For additional information, please refer to PWCS Regulation 721.2.