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Students who provided an e-mail address on their PSAT answer sheet will receive scores via e-mail in mid-December.

School counselors will distribute paper score reports to students during the third marking period.

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Choose your courses for next school year
Use AP Potential to identify areas in which you may want to take a more challenging course.

Prepare for the SAT
Link your College Board account with a Khan Academy account and you will receive FREE, personalized SAT test prep.

Plan your life after high school
Connect your strengths to post-secondary planning by using Big Future and Roadmap to Careers to link your strengths to your life plan.

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Using Your Scores for College Readiness (20 minute video)

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Your PSAT Score and College Readiness

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Linking College Board and Khan Academy Accounts

Roadmap to Careers (based on your PSAT Score)



Big Future
College Board Planning for Parents and Students

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Los exámenes PSAT/NMSQT y PSAT 10


Eight Key Changes in the New SAT
SAT Redesign Specifications
PSAT/NMSQT Redesign Specifications
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