Student Accident Insurance

Many parents without insurance coverage worry about protecting their children in the event of an illness or injury. Optional student accident insurance is an inexpensive way to provide medical coverage in such events.

Student accident insurance is not just for those without health insurance. Optional student accident insurance can be a secondary level of coverage for those students who are covered under a parent or guardian’s primary insurance plan. In such cases, the optional student accident insurance may cover expenses not paid for by the primary insurance plan such as co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Affordable student accident insurance is available for purchase through a group rate. Parents may enroll students through the Internet or by calling the numbers identified below. Enrolling via the Internet will be accomplished by the use of a dedicated secure enrollment site for each of the insurance providers.

The School Division offers two options for parents. One is through Markel Insurance and the other is through VML Insurance Programs. Both plans begin on or after July 1. 

  1. For more information or to enroll in the plan offered by Markel Insurance, call 877.444.5014 or visit the Markel website.
  2. For more information or to enroll in the plan offered by Virginia Risk Sharing Association through ALIVE RISK, call 888.533.7654 or see the flyer and enrollment form below. 


Schools are encouraged to make copies of the below flyers to send home with students at the beginning of the school year and to publish the above information on their respective school’s website and newsletters.

Markel's Insurance Student Accident Flyer


Virginia Risk Sharing Association Student Accident Flyer

Student Accident Information Flyer and Enrollment Form (PDF)

(Spanish) Forma de Inscripcion de Seguro de Accidentes para estudiantes 

(Vietnamese) Tờ Bảo hiểm Tai nạn cho Học sinh và Mẫu Ghi danh

(Korean) 학생 상해 보험 안내 및 신청 양식

(Chinese) 学生意外保险传单与登记表

(Arabic)  النشرة الإعلانية لتأمين الطلاب ضد الحوادث، ونموذج الالتحاق

(Urdu) طالبعلم کا حادثاتی بیمہ فلائر اور داخلہ فارم

(Farsi) بروشور بیمه نامه حوادث و ثبت نام آن


Updated: 8.19.19