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ROP is the acronym for the Retirement Opportunity Program. ROP provides additional income for PWCS employees eligible for VRS retirement but not yet eligible to collect Social Security.  ROP also utilizes the valuable experience of retirees in continued employment in work assignments compatible with the retiree’s training experience, and qualifications.  

Retirees who elect ROP work on an annual basis the equivalent of 20 days or 10 percent of their final contract length per year, whichever is greater, in an approved assignment compatible with the retiree's training, experience, and qualifications.  

ROP Information Session Title Page

On June 5, 2018 we held our first ROP Orientation/Information Session. Click here for a PDF version of the presentation.

ROP Program Contacts

Hours completed, Paperwork Received, ROP Changes (Benefits)
Jill Argueta 703.791.8927
Retiree Health (Benefits)
Kristin Brittigan 703.791.8772
Sub/Temp positions (Sub/Temp Office)
Susan Cox  703.791.7327 
Drucila Jimenez 703.791.7466
Sub Calling System (Sub/Temp Office)
Monica Skinner 703.791.7897
Temporary Management Agreements (Administrative HR)
Rose Jones 703.791.8959
ROP Badge (Risk Management)
Liliana Bickham 703.791.8911
PWCS Taxes, W2s, Direct Deposit (Payroll)
Stephanie Magee 703.791.8748
VRS Questions, Pension Taxes, Pension, Direct Deposit
VRMyVRS 1.888.827.3847


Q: What are the requirements to participate in ROP?jump

A: To participate in ROP, you must sign up at the time of retirement.  To be eligible to ROP you must meet the following criteria upon retirement:

Employee must be full time at the time of retirement.

Employee must be between the ages of 55 and the age at which he/she is eligible to receive full Social Security.

Employee must have completed 17 years of service with VRS or verifiable service in another educational position.

Of those 17 years, employee must complete at least 10 years Full Time with PWCS, including the last 7 years immediately preceding retirement.

Employee is not eligible for disability retirement.

Employee has received satisfactory performance review for each of the last three years prior to retirement date.

Q: Where can I ROP?

planningA: It is the responsibility of the ROP participant to contact work locations to arrange for their ROP work assignment.  Most ROP participants choose to ROP at their previous work location or school.  Some ROP participants opt to work with administrators/staff they have worked with in the past at a different location.  You are able to work at more than one location in the year, but you must submit time sheets to each location for the hours completed there. You must submit a work assignment form for each location where you plan to ROP, and a ROP completion form must be submitted for each location at the end of your ROP time.  Remember that your ROP duties must be equivalent to the types of duties you performed in your permanent position prior to retirement.  You must be physically and mentally able to complete the duties required for that position. Administrators are discouraged from assigning any ROP duties that are not in line with the training, experience and skills of the ROP participant.

Custodial staff must get their ROP assignments through the Office of Facilities services. Librarians must work with the Office of Library and Media services.  Nurses must work through the Student Services Nursing Department. Bookkeepers must work through the Finance Department.  Assistant Principals and Principals must work through the Associate Superintendent for their school level.

If you are having difficulty getting your work location to assign hours and need assistance, please contact Jill Argueta or Kris Brittigan in the Office of Benefits and Retirement Services for assistance.

Q: How long can I participate in ROP?

A: You can ROP for a maximum to 7 years or up to reaching full Social Security age, currently 66.  As long as you have not reached age 66 as of July 1 (and have not completed 7 years of ROP), you are eligible to ROP for the year.calendar

Q: When can I start my ROP time?

A:  The year that you retire, you must be completely separated from PWCS  for 30 days before you can begin any ROP hours.  If your last paycheck is August 31, you cannot begin any ROP hours until October 1.  For all subsequent years, the ROP year begins consistent with our fiscal year on July 1.  For the second and all subsequent years of ROP, you can begin your hours July 1.

If you retire at any time prior to the end of the school year, you must wait until July 1 of the following year, and you lose one year of eligibility for ROP.

Q: How much ROP time am I required to work?

A:  All ROP participants work 10% of their regular pre-retirement schedule, based on their contract length, with the minimum number of days being 20 days.  A "day" is considered the number of hours currently required for the position you held prior to retirement, either 6.5 hours, 7 hours, 7.5 hours or 8 hours consistent with your schedule.time
190-day contracts = 20 days
200-day contracts = 20 days
214-day contracts = 21 days
223-day contracts =  22 days
250-day contracts = 25 days 

Q: Do I have to record a lunch break?

A:  If you are an instructional participant working in the capacity of a teacher directly working with students, your lunch is consistent with teachers - you work a 7-hour day and do not record a lunch break. If you are working in a capacity otherlunch than teacher responsibilities working directly with students or in a classified-type assignment, work a full day and take a lunch break, you would need to record your lunch break. If you are working less than a full day and do NOT take a break, you do NOT need to record a lunch break.

Q: How do I keep track of my ROP time?

A: You must complete the ROP time sheet and turn it in to your work location.  These should be completed and turned in throughout the year as you complete your time each pay period.  Keep a copy for yourself so you have a record of your time. Your time and leave person may be able to help you keep track of your time, but you can contact Jill Argueta at 703.791.8927 in the Office of Benefits to verify your recorded time throughout the year. 

Q: Can I work additional time for PWCS once I complete my ROP time?

A: Yes. You are required to fulfill all ROP hours before you are eligible to work for any type of additional pay for PWCS. Once you complete your time, you must submit a signed ROP Completion form and advise either the Benefits Office or the Sub/Temp office that you have completed your time and you wish to work in a sub/temp capacity.  You teachcannot be paid for any additional time until the sub/temp office sets up a position in our payroll system for you to be paid.  The first year that you ROP, you must complete a ROP to Sub application for the sub/temp office to set up a position for you. You can only work in a sub or temp capacity.  You cannot accept a permanent Part-Time position with PWCS while you participate in the ROP program. 

Q: What do I need to do when I complete my ROP time for the year?

A:  Make sure you have turned in all of your time sheets to the time and leave person for your work location.  You must submit a signed ROP Completion form for the year to the Benefits Office to have your completion recorded.  If you are eligible and planning to ROP for the next fiscal year, you are required to submit a Work Assignment form to let us know where you are working.  These forms must be submitted by June 30 of the ROP year.

Q: I am starting my second year of ROP, and my ROP pay went down on my July 15 check.  Why?

A: For a full ROP year, your annual ROP salary will be divided over 24 paychecks - from July 1 - June 30.  The year you retired, you had to be off payroll for 30 days before you could ROP or receive your ROP pay, so you did not receive a full year of 24 paychecks.  Your total annual ROP salary will not change, but the first year moneyit is divided over fewer than 24 paychecks, so it is a higher per-paycheck amount for ROP year one.  What you receive in July of your second
year of ROP will be what you receive for the remainder of your ROP service.

Q: This is my last year to ROP.  When will I receive my last ROP check?

A:  Our ROP year runs the same as our fiscal year, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Your last check for ROP in your final ROP year will be June 30.

Q: What if I cannot complete my ROP hours for the year?

A:  If you cannot complete your ROP time for the year, we must calculate how many hours you have worked and how many hours you have been paid.  If you have been paid for more hours than you actually worked, you must re-pay your over payment to PWCS.  If you have worked more hours than you were paid, we will pay you out the difference.
man golf  If you do not complete your time for the year, you forfeit any future years of ROP. Once you end your ROP, you cannot participate in the future.