Weed Control Program

Facilities Services provides weed control routinely with preventive maintenance work orders generated automatically within SchoolDude.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are treated routinely?
Walks, curbs, gutters, perimeter of schools and buildings, flower beds, fence lines, warning tracks, around utilities, etc.
When will my school be treated?
Facilities Management has published a landscaping schedule that the weed control personnel are obligated to follow. Weed Control personnel will address general work order requests after scheduled preventive maintenance work orders are completed.
What is being sprayed?

A post emergent herbicide similar to Round Up called Rodeo. A blue inert indicator dye is added to avoid missing or overlapping areas (the dye will fade).

Records of applications are kept on SchoolDude (labels/SDS sheets are supplied upon request). Records are also recorded in the school's IPM notebook.

How toxic are these products?

There are three signal words referring to the toxicity of herbicides/pesticides. They are caution, warning, and danger. The products that will be used at your site have a caution label (the least toxic of the three).

Re-entry intervals are typically when products dry.

Who is applying these herbicides?
Certified commercial applicator John D. Childers #79041 , Brian Mercer #125889, and Justin Pillow #115168-G. Credentials presented upon request.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please call 703-791-7201.