Projects, Permits, and Records

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Administrative Support

Administrative Support assists the department's internal and external workflow and communication activities.

The main areas of support are:

  • Guide customers through the process of requesting assistance from the Engineering Design section.
  • Providing support as the liaison for SchoolDude and work requests directed to Engineering Design.
  • Scheduling Quality Control Inspections through written and electronic requests.
  • Corresponding with schools regarding cost estimates. Sends out the cost estimate and follows through until it is canceled, expired or is approved by the school.
  • Assisting the supervisor as needed by monitoring work order estimates and actual costs to determine the accuracy of the estimates.
  • Sends invoices to schools for projects that fall under the control of the Project, Permits, and Records Department.

Engineering Design

Engineering Design provides professional services for non-capital alterations and modifications to existing PWCS facilities. From minor projects to larger renovations, this group is where the process begins. Our projects are focused on ensuring compliance with our annual agreement with Prince William County and in strict adherence to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code. These code provisions allow construction at the least possible cost consistent with nationally recognized standards for health, safety, welfare, accessibility and energy and water conservation.

Responsibilities include:

  • On-site visits, meeting with affected parties, assessing current conditions and project requirements
  • Researching design solutions
  • Drafting plans
  • Performing cost estimates
  • Submitting projects for implementation
  • Building Code analysis

Facility Records Center

Facility Records Center is responsible for the storage, organization and retrieval of all facility related project data and plans. In alignment with the Planning and Financial Services office, the Facility Records Center continually works towards and supports the upcoming Facilities Information Management System (FIMS).

Services provided:

  • Archiving and cataloging of all existing building plans and documentation
  • Document restoration
  • Facility records disposal/destruction in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Library of Virginia.
  • Customer Service support for blueprint and facility layout plans
  • Duplication services, including large format
  • Supporting school and site information requests
  • Digital documentation conversion

Project Management

Roofing Project Specialist

Project Management is responsible for all construction, rehabilitation, and renovation projects within the Project, Permits and Records Department. A full range of support is provided from project concept to completion. Project Managers provide direct communication between contractors, Facilities Services/Engineering staff and school personnel.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Implementing 7/14 Year Maintenance Program
  • Major Maintenance Projects
  • Exterior site improvements including paving, concrete, athletic facilities, bleachers, scoreboards, etc.
  • Interior site improvements including floors, bleachers, interior finishes, access control, specialties, doors and partitions, etc.
  • System component upgrades and installations
  • Lighting/Electrical upgrades – interior and exterior
  • Major HVAC upgrades and replacements

Utility Location

Provide support and perform underground utility locating services for PWCS by working closely with Virginia's Utility Protection Service - VA811 (formerly known as Miss Utility).

If you're planning to perform any work that will require digging into the ground such as planting trees, digging holes, utility installation or repairs, etc., a call to VA811 should be placed by dialing 811 or 1-800-552-7001 and PPR Utility Locating staff will respond. For more information on the VA811 system, please visit the VA811 website.

Primary functions:

  • Responds to all VA811 utility locating requests that impact school property
  • Locate and identify PWCS-owned facilities
  • Communicate details of locating request to initiator
  • Respond to emergency alerts and requests to assist utility providers in timely restoration of service