Elementary Activity Books

PWCS elementary school students and their families can learn all about going green with these fun activity books! Students can explore more about conserving resources with our Sustainability friends: Current, Rayne, Sam, and Sonny. Environmental literacy components as well as interdisciplinary curriculum areas are included in this series.

Click on the links below to open the flipbook version of each book.

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Secondary Activity Journals

PWCS students in grades 6-12 can further their exploration of energy and environmental sustainability through project-based learning. In this journal, secondary students will have access to prompts that encourage civic engagement, critical thinking, environmental and fiscal stewardship, exploration of green careers, and extended learning. 

Click on the link to open the flipbook version: Secondary Sustainability Activity Journal

Downloadable PDFs and Additional Copies

The flipbooks can be downloaded and/or printed. Energy & Sustainability has a limited supply of pre-printed books; however, we can order and ship additional copies to schools upon request. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from the time of order. Additional language versions are available upon request. Please email sustainability@pwcs.edu for more information.