Growing a Culture of Sustainability

As part of our mission, we encourage environmental and fiscal stewardship and socially responsible behavior in our students and staff. View our mission statement. This includes educating the community in sustainable practices.

Being Green in PWCS

What does it mean to be green? The term "green" implies that an idea or activity includes elements of sustainability. We encourage inclusion of sustainable topics in the educational process, and that each school defines what "green" means for their community and facility.

Sustainability Liaisons

The role of the Sustainability Liaison at each site is not an intense one, but it is very important. Serving as ambassadors on behalf of the Energy & Sustainability program, Sustainability Liaisons convey the message of environmental awareness at each school and office.

Annual Sustainability Summit

The Energy & Sustainability office hosts an annual Sustainability Summit. All schools are encouraged to send their Sustainability Liaisons or another school representative. At this annual summit, participants receive information on the current year's sustainability initiatives.

Resources from the 2021 Virtual Sustainability Summit will be available in the FCLS-Sustainability Liaisons Group files. All school-based Sustainability Liaisons are able to access this group. If you are having issues viewing the files, please email for assistance with file access.