Pathways to Sustainability

Everyone can take part in the Division-wide Energy and Sustainability program this year. Together we can have an impact on our communities and schools, as well as the environment. There are many ways to go green... both at home and at school! As a Division and PWC community, we can explore pathways to sustainability, while encouraging stewardship of fiscal and environmental resources both at home and in the classroom.

How can schools contribute? Administrators, staff, and teachers can:

  • Post a copy of our Back to School Flyer on bulletin boards and Canvas pages;
  • Start a discussion with students about ways schools can go green;
  • Sign up for supplemental learning opportunities like The EcoHero Show (Spring 2022 - ES only);
  • Engage leadership by promoting sustainability solutions at your school;
  • Ensure we have the name of your school's active Sustainability Liaison;
  • Explore project-based learning opportunities in Environmental Science;
  • Participate in the annual Energy Challenge; and
  • Share your success with us on social media!

The Energy & Sustainability office lends support by connecting you with community organizations as well as providing resources like elementary activity books aligned with SOLs; synchronous and asynchronous activities to supplement your environmental science objectives and lessons; webinars; online project-based learning resources; and coverage via social, print, and visual media.

How will your school help the Division and the PWC community proceed down a path to sustainability? Thank you for helping us to conserve energy and resources. We hope that you are having a great start to the new school year!

For more information, please explore our digital resources: