Demand Load Response Test

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, PWCS Energy & Sustainability will be conducting a Demand Response Test along with our utility providers and C-Power. We will be testing our ability to shed electric load in case of an event that leads to an extreme demand on our power grid. During this time, the HVAC in your building will be affected and will be set back to an unoccupied status.

We can expect that temperatures in your school will rise between one and five degrees during this time. We ask that you please turn off lights, computers, and monitors; and unplug non-essential electronics and devices from the wall outlets. A plan for sites hosting SACC has already been coordinated with the SACC supervisor.

For additional details, please review the PWCS Power Hour information below.

PWCS Power Hour

  • When: June 23, 2022, 2-3 p.m.
  • Goal:
    • To reduce energy consumption for one hour; and
    • Help prepare for peak energy use this summer.
  • Ways to save:
    • Unplug devices
      • Unplug devices such as printers, monitors, phones, chargers, calculators, digital frames, fans, and fax machines.
      • Anything plugged into the wall continues to consume power, even while off.
    • Turn off lights
      • Turn off lights in your office, hallway, and conference room.
      • If your office has windows, open the blinds to let in natural light.
    • Take a fit break
      • Re-energize with a short exercise break.
      • A 15-minute walk or stretch can help boost your mood.
  • Show us how you save during Power Hour and earn an incentive!
  • For more ways to save: visit the PWCS Energy & Sustainability page