Synchronous Sustainability Education Opportunity for Elementary Students

This fall, the Energy Management and Sustainability Team (EMAST) will be sponsoring (at no cost to your school) our annual sustainability assemblies! We have partnered with Mr. Eco again to bring The EcoHero Show back to PWCS. Together with Mr. Eco, we have designed a custom, live streaming, performance combining rap, hip-hop music, and dance to engage and educate students.

Topics include energy conservation, water conservation, and waste reduction and recycling. Please view our 'The EcoHero Show' promo video for highlights and additional details. The EcoHero Show also has a program overview video. Please visit the program's website for further details.

We invite elementary school principals to consider having this live-streamed assembly (at no cost to your school) for your students and staff. Our team will work with you to coordinate the logistics of hosting this event for your school.

Assembly Details

  • Dates: October 20-23, 2020
    • Special meet and greet opportunity with bonus song on October 26th!
  • Location: Online, live stream. 8-10 elementary schools [Schools TBD (only for schools that have not previously had this assembly opportunity in the past)]
    • 2-3 schools per day
    • Up to 2 shows per school
  • Time: Morning and afternoon
    • 1 school in the morning
    • 1 school in the afternoon
  • Program Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
  • Audience: Elementary students and staff. Therefore, we recommend dividing the school into two shows with audiences as follows:
    • Grades K-2
    • Grades 3-5

If you are interested in having this assembly live stream to your school, please email us at We will follow-up with a tentative schedule of available dates and times.