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Accounts Payable

Vendor Disbursements
Responsible for processing all vendor disbursements for Prince William County Public Schools. The Accounts Payable staff work closely with the Central Purchasing Office and the Finance Specialists in the schools to ensure timely and accurate payment to vendors. Currently, check runs occur every Tuesday and Thursday with the occasional change to accommodate Payroll's disbursement schedule. Invoices are paid in the order that they are received and should be processed within one week of the received date.
Annual 1099 Issuance
Responsible for the reporting of all applicable disbursements each calendar year to the Internal Revenue Service. This includes Domestic (1099) and International (1042) vendor disbursements.
Purchasing Cards
Responsible for monitoring the Purchasing Card (PCard) programs at each School and Central Office. This includes issuing, maintaining, cancelling, auditing, and training new Finance Specialists and Budget Holders on the program use.
Employee Reimbursements
Responsible for processing reimbursements to employees of PWCS. Employees are required to complete a Full Accounting Form and provide necessary backup. Any reimbursable expense incurred by the employee, shall be reimbursed by Accounts Payable through the employee's paycheck.

Please contact the appropriate Accounts Payable Specialist listed below for additional information.

Accounts Payable Team

Job Title Description Name and Contact Info
Accountant A/P, PCards, and Employee Reimbursements Cassie Carbajal
Accounts Payable Specialist Vendors A-L (A/P payments) Andrea Cloud
Accounts Payable Specialist Vendors M-R (A/P payments) Tammie Lowe
Accounts Payable Specialist Vendors S-Z (A/P payments) Amy Bevans
Accounts Payable Specialist Employee Reimbursements Patricia Atkins
PCard Specialist Single-Use Payments, PCard, & Employee Reimbursement Backup
Accounts Payable Specialist PCard Coordinator - Central Office Sandra Briones
Accounts Payable Specialist PCard Coordinator - Schools Catherine McAuliffe